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How much we can see from what we are listening

23 Apr 2014 » Daily

Just write this post to see(literally see) how much differences there are in a compressed mp3 with lossless FLAC and WAV.

I compared two sessions in TIME(from 《inception》 OST) with three compressed version: 44.1kHZ MP3 184kbps 44.1KHZ 16bit FLAC 608kbps VBR 44.1kHZ 16bit WAV 1141kbps

First bite: mp3 session1_mp3

flac session1_flac

wav session1_wav

Hum…I swear they are three different screen snapshot… But I did barely see no difference from those waves… Dead eyes…

So, maybe I should find some session more dynamic, and I choose the the first rise in TIME, see below

mp3 session2_mp3

flac session2_flac

wav session2_wav

Er… still nothing? Look closer…

mp3 session2_1_mp3

flac session2_1_flac

wav session2_1_wav

put the waves together

MP3 vs WAV: mp3(red line), wav(green line) mp3_wav

FLAC vs WAV:flac(red line),wav(green line) flac_wav

closer… 300x MP3 vs WAV: mp3(red line), wav(green line) mp3_wav

300x FLAC vs WAV:flac(red line),wav(green line) flac_wav

Yes! There does have some differences between mp3 with wav!!! And it’s so apparently mp3 lost some tops and bottoms…

Seems I spend another 500% disk space for wav versions does worth something!!! Yep…

But Flac is nearly 50% space occupation of WAV… Still feels like listening to WAV. Er….

Don’t ask me if I can hear the difference between all these version… That’s what I’ll never tell… XOXO, geek girl

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