I am a Linux Software Engineer, currently working on Bigdata platform optimization and solution.
I have a super sweet westie puppy, his name is Duchamp.

Email: xuechendi@gmail.com


  • Programming Languages: C/C++, Python, Scala/Java, HTML/CSS/Jquery, Ansible/Bash
  • Familiar Projects: Spark, Kubernetes, Alluxio, Hadoop HDFS, Ceph, Linux DeviceMapper
  • Development Tools: GCC/Makefile/Cmake, GDB, Valgrind, Git, Vim


2014.7 - Present


Software Engineer

  • Accelerating Spark with Columnar Processing Executions
  • Spark Shuffle Integration and Optimization with Persistent Memory and RDMA
  • Spark on Cloud Storage(S3A) solution and optimization
  • Spark on Kubernetes solution and optimization
  • Hyper-converged Distributed Cache Storage(HDCS) c/c++ codes development
  • Ceph solution and performance optimization


Opensourced Projects Link


2011.9 - 2014.6

Communication University of China

  • Study in Computer software and theory
  • National science and technology support program(2011BAH04B05): Low energy-consuming storage devices development and industrialization

2007.9 - 2011.7

Communication University of China

  • Major in computer science and technology with GPA of 3.61.
  • Second Major in Digital Art.
  • National undergraduate innovation project: Research of semantic storage system for MP3